BitSignal Reviews – Sophisticated Crypto Trading App? {Bit Signal 2023}

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We can help if you’re looking for a fair assessment of Bitsignal and questioning whether it’s a scam or not. In this post, we’ll give you a fair assessment of the automated trading program BitSignal, developed by Steve McKay, and determine whether it’s a fraud or not.

Our investigation into Bitsignal has shown that it is not a unique website but rather a perfect imitation of Bitcoin Code, a phony trading platform. Therefore, we caution you against investing in Bitsignal based on false publications that the company supports to support its authenticity.

We looked into BitSignal after receiving multiple complaints, which prompted us to do so. Most of the complaints can be divided into two groups: those who claim there is no program at all and those who are having trouble getting their money out. Bitsignal is a get-rich-quick scheme, similar to other scam websites, that draws visitors in with its affiliate networks and collaboration with media companies. It uses a revenue-sharing model that many gambling websites have embraced, paying brokers referral fees in exchange for promotion.

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How Does BitSignal Trading App Function And What Is It?

With the aid of its powerful artificial intelligence system, Bitsignal is a trading program that operates automatically and promises a significant profit of $13,000 in just 24 hours. They assert to make this significant sum of money through trading bitcoins in a single day using some sort of autopilot program. However, as we have already shown you, these are only lies intended to catch unsuspecting individuals.

BitSignal lacks trading indications on its Dashboard, in contrast to other reliable trading platforms. They assert that artificial intelligence supports their working mechanism and that it automatically analyzes market signals, executes trades, and provides traders with significant profits. The same holds true for all Bitsignal websites that claim to be original.

Everyone is aware of how profitable trading in cryptocurrencies can be by this point. especially now that Bitcoin has once more surpassed all-time highs. However, everyone is also aware of how unpredictable the markets for digital currencies are. Additionally, learning and mastering the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies can be challenging. For the majority of people, these two factors together create a barrier to entrance.

Our ultimate goal has always been to make it possible for regular individuals to enter the $3 trillion market, which is quickly growing. To guarantee that every trading decision is based on the best available data, we provide our community with access to an electronic tool that offers them precise, real-time market analysis.

Reviews of Fake Biosignals:

Numerous cryptocurrency specialists analyze websites, which claim to be secure and trustworthy with a success record of around 90%. As we previously stated, they intend to demonstrate its legitimacy and offer them possible prospects in order to receive the affiliate commission.

We have a very stringent policy when it comes to reviews. People anticipate an honest and impartial recommendation from a reputable review website, thus this action is a betrayal.

Phony Evidence:

Bitsignal is a subpar knockoff of the Bit Code, which is also a fraudulent website. You might find out that Bitsignal and Bitcoin Code use the same interface if you visit their websites. The statements made on the outdated fraudulent sites Bitcoin Code weren’t even updated by the con artists. Both websites have an identical signup process, and both include the same video.

These con artists used the same identity, Steve Mckay, as Bitsignal’s founder and displayed his photograph, which was also present on Bitcoin Code.

Steve McKay, Who Is He?

The founder of Bitsignal is well-recognized as Steve McKay. He is well-known for being a programmer who formerly worked for a large corporation and created trading software that enabled his clients to become extremely wealthy. Then he made the decision to create his own program using the same design and made it available to beta testers who hoped to benefit greatly from it.

There is nothing like that in reality. All of these are just lies designed to make this website appear trustworthy. Although a few websites labeled him a con artist, this is absurd because Steve McKay is not a real person. It’s just a made-up persona created to conceal the true scammer’s identity.

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BitSignal Analysis, It’s A Scam, End of Story.

On the Bitsignal website, a vintage movie from the “hard sell” era of Bitcoin coding is available. Given that binary options were declining at the time and Bitcoin was beginning to soar, the Bitcoin code makes sense. Without making any sense, Bitsignal simply copied their movie and pasted it on their website.

These con artists didn’t stop there; they created a logo that resembles the well-known video streaming service Amazon Prime. They did this so that everyone could associate them with that well-known, successful brand. Additionally, they distributed false information that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos supported this trading site. However, in actuality, these two had nothing in common. While Bitsignal is just malicious software, Amazon Prime is a well-known and trustworthy business.

Trading robots are available on Bitsignal, and by purchasing or selling at the best market rate, they make enormous gains. They accomplish this by quickly scanning all financial markets using algorithms that can detect entry indications. These machines buy cryptocurrencies at cheap prices and then sell them for a profit. This is how these con artists seduce their victims and explain the enormous promised profits. These are actually just more deceptive lies meant to trick people.

The stock market or any other trade market never operates that way in real-time. Technical analysis does not exist and cannot assist you in making a lot of money. Additionally, unlike Bitsignal, a trader may only purchase and sell cryptocurrency manually, and there is always a risk involved. Therefore, a bitcoin trader’s claim is untrue, and that is never how the trading market operates.

Mining Instead of BitSignal

A few sites on the web try to persuade users that they can mine cryptocurrencies for money and then sell them for more money at exchanges. It is also just a falsehood meant to lure individuals into a trap, and regrettably, they were effective in doing so. People are losing money by falling for their traps.

Bitsignal Supports Mobile Devices?

Both Android and iOS users can download the Bitsignal app. However, it is irrelevant because both apps and websites are deceptive. They serve no purpose. Even though Google shouldn’t permit this kind of scam software, at least some users are leaving negative evaluations.

Bitsignal Assistance:

There is no customer support system for Bitsignal. We conducted an experiment by gathering all of the email addresses shown on the “Contact Us” page, after which we sent emails to each address individually. We received no response from any of the email addresses. Most of the time, the email just came back since the contact information was wrong. You may test it out on your own, and that will be sufficient evidence for you to know that it is a fraud and that you shouldn’t fall for its tricks.

System For Deposits And Withdrawals Using BitSignal App:

On Bitsignal, making a deposit is much simpler, and they typically send you to the cashier. This procedure differs from nation to nation. In some circumstances, a phone call may be required for you to confirm your identification. It is merely another scheme to defraud the victims of their money. The brokers on Bitsignal created their policies so they could continue to defraud customers in a more plausible manner. And the system becomes difficult when it comes time to withdraw your earned money. Members are forced to wait for a very long time by these con artists. They want them to understand through this that their money is gone and they are unable to withdraw it.


FAQs About Taxes:

Taxes appeared to be a concern for many people, and they frequently asked how much they would have to pay in taxes when they traded and withdrew money from Bitsignal. The solution is rather simple. Since you won’t receive any of your income, you won’t have to pay anything. Simply put, the program is bogus and will defraud you and never provide you with any revenue. The offshore brokers on this network who steal your money yet have access to lawyers and accountants who convert it into white should be concerned about taxes.

BitSignal App: Is It Free?

No way. It is not at all free. You need to put down a minimum of 250 euros on this platform to get started, and a broker will then take the funds from you.

Forex and CFDs

CFDs, or contracts for difference, are derivatives that can be exchanged on their fundamental asset. These derivatives include securities, commodities, and even wagers on sporting events. On the other together, you can only trade BTCUSD, etc., and similar currency pairs on Forex.


The automatic trading program Bitsignal reviews are fraudulent software; none of their assertions are supported by fact, and they merely copied the Bitcoin Code scam program. There is no reliable working mechanism for Bitsignal, and well are no such unique tactics that will produce enormous amounts of money overnight. All of its claims are untrue, and they are merely attempting to steal money by laying various traps.

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